Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Milton Public Library offering online library card registration?

Milton Public Library wants to reach the communities and promote the library services, especially among our only digital users. Also, by doing this, MPL would offer all the Miltonians an opportunity to connect and use Library resources.

Who can apply for a library card online?

Anyone who lives in Milton can apply for a library card online.  If you work or study in Milton you need to visit any MPL location to apply for a library card, otherwise membership costs $35.00.

I already have a Milton Public Library card. Do I need an online library card number to access MPL’s digital content??

No. Your current library card number already has access to all MPL digital content. Simply log in with your existing library card number and PIN. If you have forgotten your library card number or PIN please contact staff for assistance.

How can someone apply for a library card online?

To get the process started please fill out the Online Library Card Registration Form

What can I access once I get my online e-card number?

You can immediatly enjoy all MPL's online digital content - eBooks, eAudioBooks, Download Music, access online learning and connect to research databases. 

How old do I need to be to apply for an e-card?

e-cards are available to anyone 16 years of age and older. If you are younger than 16 please have your parent apply for you. 

Can I register for programs and events using my e-card?

Yes, you can use your e-card to register for programs and events.  When you attend the program you are encourageed to convert your e-card to a full card so you can enjoy full borrowing privileges. 

I tried to apply online, and it keeps giving me error messages.

Some of the possible reasons for the errors are due to your address being recognized as a business, or you are located outside of Milton or Cambellville. If the error persists, please visit any MPL location for assistance.

Why can’t the form confirm my address?

The databases cannot verify some new addresses and apartment addresses. If this is the case, we recommend that you visit a library branch and talk to the staff..

I’ve lost my online library card number. What should I do?

The online library card is sent to your email. If you still don’t find it, the staff at MPL will be more than happy to assist you.

I applied but didn’t receive the welcome email.

Your security settings may be blocking the email. Please check your spam/junk mail folder.

Can I get an online library card to replace a lost or stolen card?

No. Please contact the library immediately to report your lost or stolen card. You will need to replace it in person at a library branch.

What online browsers are recommended to sign up for a card?

You can use Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer and Safari to sign up for a library card.